Business Intelligence

“The contact center provides a continuous stream of customer interaction information that can provide valuable insight on how to run the contact center and enterprise more efficiently. Unfortunately, it takes more than operational statistics to leverage customer interaction data. To fully maximise this business opportunity requires complete visibility into contact center operations.”

“Reporting solutions such as Genesys Info Mart provide customer interaction analytical capabilities that allow business analysts, contact center managers and executives to quickly identify issues, take action and get results. In addition to providing strategic information from the contact center, these solutions integrate with other enterprise applications such as CRM, Human Resources, Financials, as well as existing enterprise  data warehouses and other data repositories to create a single enterprise-wide view.”

GSS Consultants will work with your reporting team to:

• Provides visibility into your customer interactions
• Converts data into actionable knowledge
• Optimises contact center operations
• Create a single enterprise-wide view to identify issues, take action and get results
• Contact center reporting designed to meet your business requirements